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Finanzmarkt: Immer noch Skepsis an der griechischen Aktienbörse

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Common, preferred shares, government bonds, and corporate bonds are traded on the Athens Stock Exchange. Securites listing on the Main Market must fulfill the following requirements: Additional listing rules apply to construction, shipping, holding, and insurance companies. Securities listing on the Parallel Market must fulfill the following requirements: A company can transfer from the Parallel to Main Market if: Companies listed borse athen the ASE are required to report on borse athen finances through a balance sheet and income statement on a half yearly basis.

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Capital increases, takeover bids, as well as any other development that may affect the share price must be reported. Companies were deregulated in and are now freely negotiated between transacting parties. Investors are therefore exempt from any tax obligation.

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Capital gains are not taxable in Greece. There are no restrictions on foreign investors investing in Greek securities.


They can borse athen buy and sell securities listed on the ASE and without any restrictions they can export the proceeds of sale of such securities, including borse athen gains, dividends, and interest. Greece is under double taxation agreements with many countries to avoid double taxation for the foreign investor.

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The new Composite Share Price Borse athen consists of 60 stocks with the greatest market capialisation and borse athen.

The Parallel Market Index was introduced August

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