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It includes: For sound aktiendepot kosten of 1. The app works very well with the built-in iOS device microphone. SPL Graph can record up to 24 hours of sound level data, with single second resolution. The graph starts with a one-minute plot window, chart analyzer as a minute is recorded, the graph re-scales automatically and adds another minute to show the data collected so far.

Tap the play button to play back chart analyzer recorded audio, and you can use the cursor to scrub the audio location on the graph.

Software Release Chart – Halogen Moisture Analyzer HC103

Use this feature to listen to events that you can see on the graph. And, you can view the data on the 3D plot for a graphical view of frequency over time.


You can scroll and scale the graph vertically, in dB, by using standard swipe and pinch gestures. You can also scroll and expand chart analyzer contract the time axis using gestures. "Chart-Analyzer" erkennt wiederkehrende Muster

Zoom out to a full 24 hours, or chart analyzer in to a single minute, showing second resolution. Double-tap the screen to zoom out to show the entire graph on the screen.

The time scale chart analyzer changes dynamically, highlighting minutes, ten-minute, and hour lines as as it runs.

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Swiping across the graph brings up a cursor that displays the exact dB level and time for any point on the chart analyzer. You can turn on audio recording, so that you have a record of the sounds that were happening while the graph was being stored.

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You can use this to figure out exactly what the sound was that caused a peak on the graph, for example. Recordings can be compressed or uncompressed.

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If you exit the app, or are interrupted with a phone call, the graph data will not be lost. Chart analyzer Graph chart analyzer automatically save the graph, and reload it when you next open the program.

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You can also save a graph in one of ten files on the iPhone, so that you can recall the graph later. You can recall these graphs and bring them up on the screen, and listen to the sounds that were made while the graph was recorded. You chart analyzer also store an image of the screen chart analyzer your photo roll.

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Use Dropbox or iTunes Files Sharing to export the results to your computer. You can also export data in tab-delimited files for XLS import using iCloud.

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