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When is a strike a strike?

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However the same FoI response also gives the number of strikes using the US methodology which Defence Secretary Michal Single manned aircraft has now mandated the UK to follow when calculating strikes as 21 Reaper strikes and 13 Tornado strikes.

While the same number of bombs have been dropped of course, the public reporting has been very much altered.

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Regardless of the number of aircraft or weapons, a strike is an attack against a target within a timeframe consistent with a single engagement. By example, two Tornado aircraft drop two bombs each on the same target.

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This counts as one strike using the Coalition definition. While the two methods normally give similar results for pre-planned targets they often give different results for dynamic targets. The full and much more detailed explanation is available here.

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Given that the majority of air strikes undertaken in Iraq and Syria are not pre-planned but dynamically targeted i. The MoD continues to insist that no UK air strikes have caused any civilian casualties.

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